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„For quite some time the UM:LAUT series has proven to be one of the most fertile playgrounds in Berlin for established musicians with the courage to experiment“ (Groove Magazin).
We are very happy to celebrate with old friends and new guests and invite you to a special double bill concert exactly five years after kicking it off with Nils Frahm and A Winged Victory For The Sullen at the mighty hall of Radialsystem V.

Rayon_Markus Acher © Johannes Haslinger

The Notwist, Lali Puna, Tied & Tickled Trio, 13 & God: With his numerous bands and collaborations, Markus Acher has contributed various relevant and exciting chapters to the recent history of music, thereby constantly re-exploring his sound universe and repeatedly widening the horizon of pop music. With his project Rayon, he has been undertaking explorations in the field of film music for almost twenty years. In November the first album on the renowned indie label Morr Music is released: hypnotically interwoven and minimalistically arranged instrumental worlds which have come into being without any moving images but yet appear like a wondrous soundtrack to a lost documentary film. „A Beat of Silence“ creates an original experimental sound cosmos – melodies, loops and arpeggios, fine subtle shades, blurred soundscapes and gentle arrangements are layered to fascinating electroacoustic symphonies. Within the series of UM:LAUT, Rayon presents the new album for the first time live and in one of the rare concerts with a full band and an extensive instrumentation.

Four years ago, Piano Interrupted celebrated their German live premiere at RADIALSYSTEM V. After numerous concerts and two acclaimed releases, Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann return to the stage of UM:LAUT together with the double bass player Tim Fairhall to present their third album „Landscapes of the Unfinished“. The trio explores the range between classical minimalism and clubby electronica. Live in concert Hodge’s piano and clarinet are sampled, processed and extended by Kirmann’s characteristic glitches, clicks and sub basses: A unique fusion of analogue and digital improvisation, a sound alternating between organic warmth and electronic precision. For their work on the new material, Hodge and Kirmann have – in contrast to the preceding, complexly produced albums – opened themselves to a more spontaneous composition and recording process inspired by their live performances. The search for new impulses as well as the motivation to reflect, question and develop their preceding work further also brought them on a trip to the Senegalese capital of Dakar. From there they did not only bring new impressions, field recordings and recorded radio snippets with them but also numerous recordings of jam sessions with local musicians. In the following process Hodge and Kirmann deconstructed, alienated and reconstructed the material from West Africa, thereby creating pulsating soundscapes and earthy textures which form the basis for sophisticated lines of piano, bass, clarinet and electroacoustic sound structures. Live in concert the tracks are being reinterpreted and complemented with improvisations, making the trio’s concerts an experience of a dynamic dialogue full of surprising moments.

Rayon & Piano Interrupted
Record Release Concerts
20 November | 20:00 | Radialsystem V
Tickets are available now at Radialsystem’s box-office (18 €) and online (plus fees)

Piano Interrupted © Claire Belhassine

UM:LAUT partners

Mum at UM:LAUT © Markus Werner

Múm at UM:LAUT © Markus Werner

Back in February we welcomed the globally celebrated band Múm to play a live score to the silent film masterpiece „Menschen am Sonntag“ in the city of its creation on the shores of the Spree River. After two sold-out nights in the mighty hall of Radialsystem V we are very happy and proud to present another round of splendid music meeting a milestone of cinema in the frame of Copenhagen’s great film festival CPH PIX. On 28 October, Múm’s founding members Gunnar Örn Tynes and Örvar Smárason join forces with percussion wizard Samuli Kosminen to perform an improvised live score to the often overlooked German classic within Dagmar Teatret’s charming interior. Copenhagen, here we come!

Múm plays „Menschen am Sonntag“
silent film concert
28 October | 22:00 | Dagmar Teatret Copenhagen
Tickets are available now

Samuli at UM:LAUT © Markus Werner

Samuli at UM:LAUT © Markus Werner

CPH PIX is an annual film festival in Copenhagen. It resulted from the merger of the Copenhagen International Film Festival and the NatFilm Festival in 2008 to create an organisation called Copenhagen Film Festivals, which also manages the documentary film festival CPH:DOX and the BUSTER Film Festival for children and youth. The first CPH PIX Film Festival was held in April 2009 with an audience of 36,500 people, which was the largest audience ever recorded for a film festival in Copenhagen. Since the first edition, the festival has grown to have an audience of more than 55,000.

This year the festival also celebrates alternative film music: Besides Múm, it presents artists like Elevatorfører, Berlin-based experimental trio B/B/S, Swedish sound artist BJ Nilsen and the Canadian film artist Karl Lemieux in cinematic live shows all around Copenhagen.

An event of CPH PIX, presented in collaboration with UM:LAUT, Gong Tomorrow, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden & Goethe Institute.

Almost five years after his first visit to the stage of UM:LAUT and after numerous sold-out concerts around the globe, the acclaimed pianist and producer Nils Frahm returns to Radialsystem V. With his unique musical concept and his multi-faceted meandering between modern classical, electronica and pop, his concerts have been celebrated at various occasions such as Montreux Jazz Festival as well as at Melt! or Roskilde Festival. After winning the German Film Prize for his soundtrack of the Berlinale blockbuster „Victoria“, scoring a short film with Robert De Niro and releasing several albums in the last year, he now presents his latest project: Together with Frederic Gmeiner and Sebastian Singwald he celebrates the record release concert of his band Nonkeen in the frame of the UM:LAUT series. The first recordings and experiments of the three childhood friends date back to their schooldays – decades later the renowned label R&S Records releases the trio’s debut album. We are very happy and proud to set the frame for this special occasion – looking forward to some wonderful evenings!

Record Release Concerts | Support: Andrea Belfi
16 & 17 April | 20:00 | Radialsystem V
Tickets available now at Radialsystem’s box-office and online!

Nonkeen’s „The Gamble“ is the result of a long band history and a series of coincidences. Nils Frahm and Frederic Gmeiner already discovered their common interest in audio-recordings at primary school in Hamburg. They produced their own radio show, in which they mixed schoolyard noises, teachers‘ voices and their own sound experiments with children instruments and recorded them on tape. In the summer of 1989, East German schoolboy Sebastian Singwald spent two weeks at Frahm and Gmeiner’s school during an exchange. He arrived with his own shabby tape recorder, which immediately intrigued Frahm and Gmeiner and brought the three boys together. The friends continued to stay in touch and put together tracks from children’s songs, radio music and improvised pieces by playing or covering and then remixing them. After the Berlin Wall came down, the trio played several concerts in Berlin before the band’s career abruptly came to a halt in 1997. Over one decade later Gmeiner, Frahm and Singwald met again in Berlin and started making music together again at irregular intervals. Just like in alprazolam the old days, they recorded long experimental sessions on their tape machines, adding parts to some of their childhood recordings and sampling others. The band refused to practise songs, or record multiple takes, in order to reshape or improve them – meaning only first takes were acceptable. Out of these singular attempts only a few actually made it to tape. Chance became a constant band member: Due to the unreliability of the cheap recording devices they employed, no one knew how things would sound in the end. Just as a picture taken to film maintains its secrets until it is developed, recordings were „double-exposed“, or, by chance, a tape would play back in reverse mode. Beyond, devices whose motors were pitched up and down also brought other fantastic sounds to life – sounds that were previously unheard or unthinkable. From time to time, the band isolated their favourite passages in Frahm’s studio and continued to use them for processing or overdubbing. The tapes were then recycled for fresh sessions. In the course of this organic process over eight years, an album with unexpected sounds and eclectic electro-acoustic improvisation adventures had grown – making „The Gamble“ an album „which sounds both of spontaneity and stylistic ambiguity in the best of all senses“ (Groove).












Playful electronica, spheric ambient sounds, experimental indie pop: With their numerous albums and diverse projects crossing the boundaries of various musical genres, the globally celebrated band múm has never fit into prevalent categories. On 13 and 14 February, the Icelanders return to Berlin as a trio in order to present a special silent film concert in the context of the series of UM:LAUT: Together with the percussionist Samuli Kosminen, the founding members of múm, Gunnar Örn Tynes and Örvar Smárason, perform an improvised live score to „People on Sunday“, a masterpiece of silent film at Radialsystem V. We are excited!

The semi-documentary film, which is rarely screened these days, was already considered a milestone of cinema shortly after its release in 1930 – and also served as a springboard to Hollywood for its makers Billy Wilder, Edgar Ulmer, Fred Zinnemann and the Siodmak brothers. For this classic, a vivid portrait of Berlin and its young inhabitants by the end of the 1920s, a film score never existed. In most cases the screenings of the film were accompanied with songs by Marlene Dietrich. Therefore it is high time the electronica and post-rock explorers of múm dedicate themselves to this contemporary document in the city of its creation in the frame of two unique concert evenings on the shores of the Spree River!

UM:LAUT X Jetztmusik Festival present
múm plays „Menschen am Sonntag“ –
silent film concert
13 & 14 February | 20:00 | Radialsystem V
Tickets are available now at Radialsystem’s box-office and online!













múm, „possibly the most original Icelandic band“ (ByteFM), was founded by Gunnar Örn Tynes and Örvar Smárason in 1997, later joined by twin sisters Kristín Anna and Gyða Valtýsdóttir. Their original and unique sound as well as the playful experimentation with traditional, electronic and unconventional instruments has quickly turned the band into one of the most popular acts from far North. During the last years the former quartet from Reykjavík has merged into an open collective exploring the boundaries of experimental listening experiences with various musician friends and in unpredictably changing lineups. Besides seven albums, several EPs and singles on Morr Music and Fat Cat Records, they were involved in numerous collaborations and projects such as a score to the film „Battleship Potemkin“ by Sergei Eisenstein, music for the theatre piece „Blái hnötturinn“ by Andri Snær Magnason, or the recent and much acclaimed orchestra composition „Drowning“ with pianist Hauschka and the MDR Sinfonieorchester. With Samuli Kosminen, a musician who regularly joins the band on tour will be on stage for the two concerts at Radialsystem V. He is one of the most sought-after and adventurous percussionists and producers of Scandinavia. Besides his virtuosity and unique sound creations, his rare live performances are particularly striking due to his extensive array of tools comprising collected and found objects and instruments.












People on Sunday is regarded as one of „the outstanding works of the German silent film avantgarde“ (The International Encyclopedia of Film). In a semi-documentary manner, the film depicts the lives of young people in the metropolis of Berlin by the end of the 1920s. Although the film falls into the final stage of the great era of German silent cinema, it is neither nostalgic nor old-fashioned, but – with its unconventional and surprising images of people, locations and atmospheres, which are captured in a documentary style – it appears more like a protest against the beaten tracks of the old narrative cinema. Apart from a few well-known protagonists such as the modern dancer Valeska Gert, the film replaces star actors and practised movements with amateur actors and a fresh, spontaneous way of acting. The still undestroyed scenery of Berlin, its people, its streets, the Grunewald Forest, and the Havel River serve both as setting and as supernumeraries – in „People on Sunday“, not much is happening, but its charming, honest and slightly ironic observation of the capital city in a summery weekend atmosphere make the film a vivid, entertaining and timeless document. For the then very young filmmakers, the film, which was created in partly chaotic and precarious production conditions, was both an adventure and a springboard – with Billy Wilder winning several Oscars in his career to come. The history of its creation makes the film one of the first independent films and a forerunner of the neorealism of the Postwar Era.

We are happy to present the two silent film concerts in cooperation with Jetztmusik Festival Mannheim. The annual festival has become a major cultural event in the region of Mannheim and beyond since its first edition in 2007 – with electronic music encountering film, literature or fine arts in extraordinary formats and in diverse locations. Following an evening curated by UM:LAUT in Mannheim, this project marks a continuation of the cooperation between our series in Berlin and the Jetztmusik Festival.









Masters at work: With the celebrated experimental pianist Hauschka, the Finnish percussion wizard Samuli Kosminen and the cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, former member of the legendary Kronos Quartet, UM:LAUT brings three exceptional and internationally renowned musicians to its stage for their first concerts ever in Germany. Entirely based on free improvisation and the exploration of space with sound and rhythm, this unique live project fuses the musical biographies and manifold qualities of its protagonists – without the corset of a pre-defined genre, open for unexpected developments, experiments and spontaneous impulses. Hauschka Kosminen Zeigler celebrated their debut at the festival River to River in New York in 2013, with Feast of Music describing it as „a transporting, ecstatic experience.“

Hauschka Kosminen Zeigler
Improvisation Sessions – German Premiere
12 & 13 September | 20:00 | Radialsystem V
Tickets available now at Radialsystem’s box-office and online!

Wooden sticks, pieces of felt, tape strips, table-tennis balls – with great inventiveness and various everyday objects, the pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann alias Hauschka creates an unexpected world of sounds with the piano. He is regarded as one of the most remarkable modern proponents of the prepared piano. The percussive or rustling sounds, which make one assume the usage of percussions and electronic devices, give the atmospherically dense, rhythm-based compositions of the Düsseldorf-based artist a lyrical quality. Hauschka’s music moves between sound art and experimental, modern classical and chamber music, electronica and pop – with his last solo records „Salon des Amateurs“ and „Abandoned City“ even broadening his spectrum to minimal techno and house. Some of his fourteen albums (Universal/Deutsche Grammophon, City Slang, FatCat a.o.) were also created in collaboration with other musicians. During the last years, he recorded an album with the exceptional American violinist Hilary Hahn, composed music for Döris Dörrie’s film “Glück” and launched a new live project with the renowned techno DJ Henrik Schwarz at Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. Apart from performing world-wide as solo artist at concerts and festivals, Hauschka recently wrote compositions as artist in residence for the MDR symphony orchestra in Leipzig.

UM:LAUT - Hauschka - Radialsystem - Prepared Piano - Berlin

Samuli Kosminen is one of the most sought-after and adventurous percussionists and producers of Scandinavia. Besides his virtuosity and unique sound creations, his rare live performances are particularly striking due to his extensive array of tools comprising collected and found objects and instruments. Kosminen has contributed to more than 80 albums, composed music for theatre and film and collaborated with artists such as Ólafur Elíasson, Kronos Quartet, Emiliana Torrini, Jónsi Birgisson of Sigur Rós, or Pekka Kuusisto. Beyond, he regularly plays live with the Finnish star accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen – the duo’s project „Uniko“ with the renowned Kronos Quartet was presented live in numerous countries. Kosminen is also part of the successful Icelandic band múm and regularly plays live with them on tour.

The New York Times describes Jeffrey Zeigler’s playing of the cello as „excellent“ and praises the „unforced simplicity and beauty of tone“ of the American, who was a member of the legendary and award-winning Kronos Quartet until 2013. The innovative and internationally acclaimed ensemble from San Francisco has worked with renowned composers such Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich or Philip Glass as well as with musicians from various backgrounds – thereby „influencing the contemporary paradigm of chamber music more profoundly than any composer or musician ever before“ (laut.de). Jeffrey Zeigler has played thousands of concerts world-wide, premiered more than 200 works and contributed to more than twenty albums on different labels. Amongst others, he can be heard on Norah Jones’ album „Not too late“ as well as in the soundtracks of Paolo Sorrentino’s Oscar-winning „La Grande Bellezza“ and Darren Aronofsky’s fantasy epic „The Fountain“. In 2014 Zeigler released his solo album „Something of Life“, which also contains pieces composed especially for him by Philip Glass, Glenn Kotche and John Zorn.


Get yourself prepared for Denovali’s next visit to the capital! Once again we team up with the great label from Essen, which has made its mark in the last ten years with unique and ambitious releases. On the heels of the successful cooperation of the last two years, we invite you to experience a special two-day festival with finest experimental and electronic music at Radialsystem V. On 13 & 14 June we will present renowned international artists such as Forest Swords, Nils Petter Molvaer and Moritz von Oswald, our favourite Denovali acts plus young and upcoming musicians from all around Europe and beyond.

Denovali Festival Berlin | 13 June | Radialsystem V
Nils Petter Molvaer & Moritz von Oswald | Hidden Orchestra | Ricardo Donoso | Poppy Ackroyd

Denovali Festival Berlin | 14 June | Radialsystem V
Forest Swords | Floex | Ah! Kosmos | Witxes

Tickets available now at Radialsystem V, Koka36 and online!

The first evening of the festival sees a fusion of a special sort: The Norwegian trumpet player and renowned jazz producer Nils Petter Molvaer encounters the techno and dub legend Moritz von Oswald. Meandering between cineastic-spherical and minimalist moments, the musical symbiosis of two individualists and visionary artists creates unique soundscapes. „Somewhere between jazz, ambient, avantgarde, and club: fantastically unconventional music…“ (Die Zeit). After its celebrated first visit to the stage of UM:LAUT in 2013, Hidden Orchestra from Edinburgh returns to Berlin: Band leader Joe Acheson and drummer Jamie Graham present their live remix set at RADIALSYSTEM V. The Brazilian composer, percussionist and electronic producer Ricardo Donoso can be experienced live for the first time in Berlin in the frame of the Denovali Festival: His mystical and gloomy sound sculptures are inspired by both contemporary composition as well as drone, techno and noise. Poppy Ackroyd, classically trained pianist and violinist, has already collaborated with musicians and artists from various fields. The delicately woven rhythms and atmospherical melodies of her two solo albums have – apart from some field recordings – completely come into being through Ackroyd’s exceptionally curious and unconventional playing of the piano and violin.

Music which combines heavy dub rhythms, rolling hip hop beats, field recordings and ghostly R&B vocals in a very facinating and original way: Every good musical „best of“ list in 2013 included the epic debut album „Engravings“ by Forest Swords. On the second evening of Denovali Festival Berlin, the Liverpudlian plays his only German concert during this summer. The Czech clarinetist, producer and multimedia artist Floex brings together influences from nu-jazz, electronica and contemporary classical music – his albums and soundtracks have been awarded with numerous prices, and his installations can be experienced at renowned festival like Ars Electronica. Joined by a second clarinetist, vocals and drums, Floex brings his dense, partly complex, partly groovy sound to the stage of UM:LAUT for the first time. Ah! Kosmos is the alias of the Istanbul-based electronic music producer and musician Başak Günak who presented her debut EP „Flesh“ at acclaimed festivals world-wide. In April, Denovali Records releases her first self-produced album „Bastards“ which she presents for the first time in Berlin with the guitarist Övünc Dan and the visual artist Gizem Aksu. With his monicker Witxes, the French Maxime Vavasseur creates his multilayered sound experiments somewhere between ambient, dark jazz, drone and minimal. In a live set, he combines his electronic and acoustic instruments and skillfully alternates between improvisation and passionate sound studies.












It’s the kick-off for a collaboration with one of the most exciting festivals in Germany:
UM:LAUT goes south and teams up with Jetztmusik Festival to join forces in the experimental field of music and beyond. On 29 March we hit the road and bring along a unique collective of Berlin-based musicians to Mannheim. We are happy and proud to present another night of improvisation with Efterklang’s Casper Clausen, multi-instrumentralist Greg Haines, drummer Francesco Donadello, and percussion wizard Tatu Rönkkö as our very special guests!

UM:LAUT X Jetztmusik Festival present
The Group | improvisation collective
Casper Clausen, Greg Haines, Francesco Donadello, Tatu Rönkkö and special guests
29 March | 20:00 | Börsensaal Mannheim
Tickets available now online!












The project around Casper Clausen of the successful Danish indie band Efterklang, the British multi-instrumentralist Greg Haines, and the drummer and producer Francesco Donadello, considers itself an open forum for creative processes and spontaneous musical exchange. For each concert, further musicians are being invited, with renowned artists such as Peter Broderick, André de Ridder, Dustin O’Halloran, Andrea Belfi, Anne Müller, or Jóhann Jóhannsson being regular guests of the ensemble. This time the band will be joined by Tatu Rönkkö, Finland’s finest in improvisational percussion. Without predetermination and defined boundaries, the shows of The Group bring together new ideas, different impulses and stylistic diversity – the musicians respond to each other, with each other, to the space, and to the audience. With every sound and every piece being created anew, the project gives an intimate insight into the spontaneous interaction and the collective composition process. Making use of their wide range of electronic and acoustic instruments, The Group create an extraordinary and intense live experience: improvised chamber pop between ambient, electronica, dub, experimental and krautrock.

Space for experiments and special adventures: We are very happy to bring together two internationally acclaimed musicians from two different spheres to meet on stage for the first time ever. In an evening with two parts and two premieres, acoustic instruments encounter live electronics, and experimental music can be experienced in an interplay with exclusive visuals.

The British composer and pianist Tom Hodge, who has been a guest at UM:LAUT for two times already with Piano Interrupted, has been collaborating with the successful electronic music producer Max Cooper since 2013. On the two-parts EP „Fragmented Self“, the two musicians create a sound alternating between organic warmth and electronic precision, between melancholy and deconstruction. In Berlin, Tom and Max realise their collaboration for the first time ever in a live form and present an improvised interpretation of „Fragmented Self“ as well as new tracks in between modern classical, ambient, glitch, minimal, and techno.

In the second part of the evening, UM:LAUT presents the German premiere of Max Cooper’s audio-visual performance „Emergence“: an extraordinary solo show with live electronics and live visuals, in which the renowned producer and biologist with a doctor’s degree combines his musical and graphical but also his experimental and scientific interests in one artistic concept. „Emergence“ had its very successful debut at the Decibel Experimental Music Festival in Seattle and can be experienced live in the frame of an exclusive tour in London, Paris and Amsterdam – and in the series of UM:LAUT at Radialsystem on 6 March!

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge
Fragmented Self: Live Premiere and Record Release Concert
Emergence: German Premiere
6 March | 20:00 | Radialsystem Berlin
Tickets available now at Radialsystem, Koka36 and online!












Soul, jazz and electronic music as well as classical and minimal music are equal sources of inspiration for Tom Hodge. His musical versatility and curiosity make the Briton a composer much sought-after for film, dance and theatre productions. Amongst others, Hodge composed the music for the production „Waiting Room“ of the Thüringer Staatsballett and the choreographer Silvana Schröder. Beyond, the pianist has become known for his musical projects with which he congenially crosses borders. With Piano Interrupted, he explores the field between classical minimalism and club-oriented electronica. The duo has been on the stage of UM:LAUT already twice and published two albums on Denovali Records. With his interpretation of Daft Punk’s „Aerodynamic“ for strings and electronics, Hodge even contributed a hit to the legendary „Ministry of Sound Compilation“ in 2009. Together with Max Cooper, he already published the EPs „Fragmented Self I & II“ on Fields. Besides the first live realisation of their collaboration, they are also planning another EP for spring 2015.












The London-based producer Max Cooper is considered one of the major talents originating from the electronic scene in the course of the last years. His distinctive musical style is connected to both a long tradition of pioneers and the ambition to explore new territory with each new release. Cooper was born in Belfast in 1980 and has already been active as a DJ and producer since 1999. Simultaneous to his first release in 2007, he finished his dissertation in the field of genetics and evolution. After a few years in genetic research he opted for music as his main profession and has become an artist fascinating with the balancing act between the complexity and clinical precision as well as between the immediate catchiness and emotionality of his productions. Besides numerous releases on various labels and his album „Human“, which appeared in 2014 and was critically acclaimed by journalists and audiences alike, he is known for his collaborations with a wide range of artists such as Portishead, Hot Chip, Michael Nyman, Ólafur Arnalds, or Nils Frahm. As live act, Cooper is a guest worldwide in clubs and at renowned festivals like Mutek, the Igloofest in Montreal or the Awakenings Festival in Holland. Also known as a video artist and celebrated internationally for his audio-visual shows, his current live project „Emergence“ had its premiere at the Decibel Experimental Music Festival in Seattle in September 2014 and can be experienced live at UM:LAUT for the first time in Germany.











Giving room for surprising sounds, special encounters, impulses and interactions:
We are very happy to invite The Group to the stage of UM:LAUT and welcome a unique collective of international musicians at Radialsystem on 13 December.

The project around Casper Clausen of the successful Danish indie band Efterklang, the British multi-instrumentralist Greg Haines, the drummer and producer Francesco Donadello, and the guitarist Martyn Heyne considers itself an open forum for creative processes and spontaneous musical exchange. For each concert, further musicians are being invited, with renowned artists such as Peter Broderick, André de Ridder, Dustin O’Halloran, Andrea Belfi, Anne Müller, or Jóhann Jóhannsson being regular guests of the ensemble. Without predetermination and defined boundaries, the shows of The Group bring together new ideas, different impulses and stylistic diversity – the musicians respond to each other, with each other, to the space, and to the audience. With every sound and every piece being created anew, the project gives an intimate insight into the spontaneous interaction and the collective composition process. Making use of their wide range of electronic and acoustic instruments, The Group create an extraordinary and intense live experience: improvised chamber pop between ambient, electronica, dub, experimental and krautrock.

We are pleased to announce some very special guests for The Group’s show on 13 December and to welcome Mads Brauer of Efterklang, Italian composer Andrea Belfi, our old friend Anne Müller, the great violinist Ayumi Paul and the brilliant viola player Shasta Ellenbogen on stage at Radialsystem! Stay tuned for more to come – and make sure to not miss this special evening. We hope to see you!

The Group | improvisation collective
Casper Clausen, Greg Haines, Francesco Donadello, Martyn Heyne and special guests
13 December | 20:00 | Radialsystem Berlin
Tickets available now at Radialsystem, Koka36 and online!











Casper Clausen is a founding member and the singer of the Danish band Efterklang, with which he has been on tour world-wide for more than ten years and released four studio albums until now (4AD, The Leaf Label). Together with Efterklang, he has been involved in concert projects with symphony orchestras and various film productions. Beyond, Casper Clausen is founding member and curator of the online radio The Lake.

The British composer and producer Greg Haines has already released four solo albums on Denovali Records. On his acclaimed album „Where We Were“, released in 2013, he moved away from his classically inspired chamber music and devoted himself to analogue synthesizers, percussions and atmospheric soundscapes. Besides his releases and solo concerts, he is involved in collaborations with numerous other musicians and artists such as the choreographer David Dawson, the Dutch National Ballett, the Royal Opera House, Peter Broderick, and The Alvaret Ensemble.













The Italian drummer and producer Francesco Donadello regularly works with renowned musicians from various genres such as Modeselektor, Thom Yorke, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Chilly Gonzales, Jóhann Jóhannsonn, or Mouse on Mars. As drummer, he was a member of the Italian post- and indie rock band Giardini di Mirò; for the last few years, he has become more and more interested in experimental music and modular synthesizers.

The guitarist and producer Martyn Heyne is a founding member of Trygghet and the Levenmuster Collective, with which he developed the album „Two View“ as well as the DVD „Sensing City“. During the last few years, he has worked with the likes of Nils Frahm, The National, Orcas, Peter Broderick, and many more for recordings, concerts and at his Lichte Studio in Berlin. In 2011, he supported Nils Frahm with his solo show; recently, he was on tour with the Danish band Efterklang.








Melodies, beats and the desire to surprise… We are happy and proud to welcome three outstanding and renowned artists for another special UM:LAUT event exploring the hybrid sphere between electronica and acoustic music!

With jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, producer and composer Henrik Schwarz and the bassist Dan Berglund, three musicians, who are each considered masters of innovative improvisation in their individual fields, join forces in our series at Radialsystem on 2 November. With openness and curiosity the three of them create an electro-acoustic musical blend between jazz, funk, ambient and groovy house music. The Norwegian Bugge Wesseltoft, a pioneer in electronic jazz, and Dan Berglund, bassist for the legendary Esbjörn Svensson Trio, assume the lead for the melody while the electronica mastermind Henrik Schwarz captures the ideas and phrases, manipulating and alienating the sounds, providing the other two musicians with new impulses. It is the search for intersections and the spaces in between, the interaction in the experimental spectrum from classic to electronic instrumentation, between composition and improvisation, club and concert hall. In the series of UM:LAUT, the trio can be heard live for the first time in Berlin – their album „Trialogue“ will be released in September by Universal Music.

We are looking forward and want to invite you to enjoy a unique live experience at the mighty hall of Radialsystem on 2 November!

Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz & Dan Berglund
Trialogue | Record Release Concert
2 November | 20:00 | Radialsystem Berlin
Tickets available now at Radialsystem, Koka36 or online!

The Norwegian Bugge Wesseltoft is considered the trailblazer of the young Nordic jazz generation and one of the most innovative jazz pianists of today. Since the 90’s, Wesseltoft has worked together with numerous stars from the Nordic and international jazz scene, such as Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Jon Christensen, and Arild Andersen but also with artists with completely different musical stylings such as the drummer Billy Cobham, the Brasilian popstar Gilberto Gil or techno legend Laurent Garnier. With his „New Conception of Jazz“ he aspires to create a synthesis out of live electronica and elements of improvised jazz – his 1996 eponymous debut album, in which he integrates elements of deep house, ambient music, drum’n’bass, soul and funk into his mix, is still considered today as groundbreaking. With his label Jazzland he has created a platform for the Norwegian scene, which enables artistic freedom outside mainstream.

Henrik Schwarz is amongst the most sought-after producers of electronic dance music worldwide. His musical influences span from deep house and Detroit techno, all the way to hip hop and rare groove to jazz, soul and funk. Schwarz is considered one of the most multifaceted artists of the electronic scene – he has composed for film and ballet, and has released numerous albums and singles under various labels. For collaborations, productions and remixes he has worked together with the likes of Michael Jackson, Boy George, The Foals, Ane Brun, Raoul Midon, DJ Hell, Fritz Kalkbrenner and many more. For various projects he has been a guest on stages, in clubs and at renowned festivals all over the world.

The Swedish-born Dan Berglund is known worldwide as the bassist for the highly successful Esbjörn Svensson Trio (e.s.t.). Up until 2008, together with e.s.t., one of the most influential jazz bands of the last decade, he recorded numerous albums and performed in international tours and festivals. Apart from the characteristic warmth and the round and full tones of his playing, Berglund’s trademark consists of his use of countless effects. With his own band, Tonbruket founded in 2009, he created a distinct sound between jazz, psychedelic rock and neo-folk. The group’s debut album won a Swedish Grammy award.