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Max Cooper meets Tom Hodge: Fragmented Self & Emergence

Space for experiments and special adventures: We are very happy to bring together two internationally acclaimed musicians from two different spheres to meet on stage for the first time ever. In an evening with two parts and two premieres, acoustic instruments encounter live electronics, and experimental music can be experienced in an interplay with exclusive visuals.

The British composer and pianist Tom Hodge, who has been a guest at UM:LAUT for two times already with Piano Interrupted, has been collaborating with the successful electronic music producer Max Cooper since 2013. On the two-parts EP „Fragmented Self“, the two musicians create a sound alternating between organic warmth and electronic precision, between melancholy and deconstruction. In Berlin, Tom and Max realise their collaboration for the first time ever in a live form and present an improvised interpretation of „Fragmented Self“ as well as new tracks in between modern classical, ambient, glitch, minimal, and techno.

In the second part of the evening, UM:LAUT presents the German premiere of Max Cooper’s audio-visual performance „Emergence“: an extraordinary solo show with live electronics and live visuals, in which the renowned producer and biologist with a doctor’s degree combines his musical and graphical but also his experimental and scientific interests in one artistic concept. „Emergence“ had its very successful debut at the Decibel Experimental Music Festival in Seattle and can be experienced live in the frame of an exclusive tour in London, Paris and Amsterdam – and in the series of UM:LAUT at Radialsystem on 6 March!

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge
Fragmented Self: Live Premiere and Record Release Concert
Emergence: German Premiere
6 March | 20:00 | Radialsystem Berlin
Tickets available now at Radialsystem, Koka36 and online!












Soul, jazz and electronic music as well as classical and minimal music are equal sources of inspiration for Tom Hodge. His musical versatility and curiosity make the Briton a composer much sought-after for film, dance and theatre productions. Amongst others, Hodge composed the music for the production „Waiting Room“ of the Thüringer Staatsballett and the choreographer Silvana Schröder. Beyond, the pianist has become known for his musical projects with which he congenially crosses borders. With Piano Interrupted, he explores the field between classical minimalism and club-oriented electronica. The duo has been on the stage of UM:LAUT already twice and published two albums on Denovali Records. With his interpretation of Daft Punk’s „Aerodynamic“ for strings and electronics, Hodge even contributed a hit to the legendary „Ministry of Sound Compilation“ in 2009. Together with Max Cooper, he already published the EPs „Fragmented Self I & II“ on Fields. Besides the first live realisation of their collaboration, they are also planning another EP for spring 2015.












The London-based producer Max Cooper is considered one of the major talents originating from the electronic scene in the course of the last years. His distinctive musical style is connected to both a long tradition of pioneers and the ambition to explore new territory with each new release. Cooper was born in Belfast in 1980 and has already been active as a DJ and producer since 1999. Simultaneous to his first release in 2007, he finished his dissertation in the field of genetics and evolution. After a few years in genetic research he opted for music as his main profession and has become an artist fascinating with the balancing act between the complexity and clinical precision as well as between the immediate catchiness and emotionality of his productions. Besides numerous releases on various labels and his album „Human“, which appeared in 2014 and was critically acclaimed by journalists and audiences alike, he is known for his collaborations with a wide range of artists such as Portishead, Hot Chip, Michael Nyman, Ólafur Arnalds, or Nils Frahm. As live act, Cooper is a guest worldwide in clubs and at renowned festivals like Mutek, the Igloofest in Montreal or the Awakenings Festival in Holland. Also known as a video artist and celebrated internationally for his audio-visual shows, his current live project „Emergence“ had its premiere at the Decibel Experimental Music Festival in Seattle in September 2014 and can be experienced live at UM:LAUT for the first time in Germany.