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Bugge Wesseltoft © Markus Werner | UM:LAUT

Two extraordinary live musicians with a shared passion for experimentation and club music: The Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, a pioneer of electronic jazz, joins forces with the renowned drummer and producer Christian Prommer for an exclusive live session at the mighty hall of Radialsystem V. With openness and curiosity this special duo creates an electro-acoustic musical blend between jazz, funk, ambient, and groovy house music. Bugge Wesseltoft, who is considered the trailblazer of the young Nordic jazz generation and one of the most innovative pianists of today, and Christian Prommer, known for his collaboration with artists such as DJ Hell, Henrik Schwarz or Tony Allen, play together for the very first time in Germany: An interplay in the experimental spectrum between classical and electronic instrumentation and a unique live project fusing the musical biographies and manifold qualities of its protagonists – without the corset of a predetermined course, open for unexpected developments, spontaneity and the impulses of each other.

German Premiere
08 August 2017 | 20:00 | Radialsystem V
Tickets are available now at Radialsystem’s box-office (22 €) and online (plus fees)!

© Christian

The Norwegian Bugge Wesseltoft is regarded as one of the most innovative jazz pianists of today. Since the 1990s, Wesseltoft has collaborated with numerous important figures of the Nordic and international jazz world like Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Jon Christensen, Nils Petter Molvaer, and Arild Andersen, as well as with stylistically quite different artists such as the drummer Billy Cobham, the Brazilian pop star Gilberto Gil or the techno legend Laurent Garnier. With his „New Conception of Jazz“ he aims at a synthesis of live electronics and the means of improvised jazz – his debut album of the same name, on which he integrates elements from priligy kaufen deep house, ambient music, drum’n’bass as well as from soul and funk, is considered as ground-breaking since its release in 1996 until today. Wesseltoft has played on countless stages around the world and released more than 15 albums, just recently with the Norwegian classical violinist and viola player Henning Kraggerud and with the successful techno producer Henrik Schwarz and Dan Berglund, bassist of e.s.t. With his label Jazzland he has created a platform for the Norwegian scene with artistic freedom beyond mainstream.

Influenced by jazz, funk and soul, but also house, Detroit techno and electronica, Christian Prommer constantly explores new musical ground beyond traditional genre boundaries. With his various projects and collaborations, he has been one of the most prestigious drummers, producers and DJs for more than two decades. Apart from coining the label „nu jazz“ with Fauna Flash in the 1990s, he has repeatedly experimented in the field between club music and jazz – be it as founding member of the Trüby Trio and Voom:Voom, or as author and producer for artists such as Kruder & Dorfmeister and DJ Hell. In addition he has collaborated with musicians like Carl Craig, Tony Allen, Till Brönner, Mousse T, Wolfgang Haffner, Klaus Doldinger, Henrik Schwarz, Johannes Brecht, or Solomun, and has been invited as live musician and DJ to renowned clubs and festivals such as Sonar in Barcelona, World Wide Festival in Singapur, Crossover Jazz Festival in Tokyo, North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, and Montreux Jazz Festival. In 2007 he started his project „Drumlesson“ with an instrumental jazz version of Derrick May’s Detroit techno hymn „Strings of Life,“ which ended up being an international club hit. For ten years, he has performed live with his „Drumlessons“ and alternating outstanding guest musicians, thereby combining his jazz roots with his passion for electronic club music. Prommer has released a large number of albums and singles on various renowned labels, he has been nominated for the Echo and received the German Record Critics‘ Award.








Melodies, beats and the desire to surprise… We are happy and proud to welcome three outstanding and renowned artists for another special UM:LAUT event exploring the hybrid sphere between electronica and acoustic music!

With jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, producer and composer Henrik Schwarz and the bassist Dan Berglund, three musicians, who are each considered masters of innovative improvisation in their individual fields, join forces in our series at Radialsystem on 2 November. With openness and curiosity the three of them create an electro-acoustic musical blend between jazz, funk, ambient and groovy house music. The Norwegian Bugge Wesseltoft, a pioneer in electronic jazz, and Dan Berglund, bassist for the legendary Esbjörn Svensson Trio, assume the lead for the melody while the electronica mastermind Henrik Schwarz captures the ideas and phrases, manipulating and alienating the sounds, providing the other two musicians with new impulses. It is the search for intersections and the spaces in between, the interaction in the experimental spectrum from classic to electronic instrumentation, between composition and improvisation, club and concert hall. In the series of UM:LAUT, the trio can be heard live for the first time in Berlin – their album „Trialogue“ will be released in September by Universal Music.

We are looking forward and want to invite you to enjoy a unique live experience at the mighty hall of Radialsystem on 2 November!

Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz & Dan Berglund
Trialogue | Record Release Concert
2 November | 20:00 | Radialsystem Berlin
Tickets available now at Radialsystem, Koka36 or online!

The Norwegian Bugge Wesseltoft is considered the trailblazer of the young Nordic jazz generation and one of the most innovative jazz pianists of today. Since the 90’s, Wesseltoft has worked together with numerous stars from the Nordic and international jazz scene, such as Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Jon Christensen, and Arild Andersen but also with artists with completely different musical stylings such as the drummer Billy Cobham, the Brasilian popstar Gilberto Gil or techno legend Laurent Garnier. With his „New Conception of Jazz“ he aspires to create a synthesis out of live electronica and elements of improvised jazz – his 1996 eponymous debut album, in which he integrates elements of deep house, ambient music, drum’n’bass, soul and funk into his mix, is still considered today as groundbreaking. With his label Jazzland he has created a platform for the Norwegian scene, which enables artistic freedom outside mainstream.

Henrik Schwarz is amongst the most sought-after producers of electronic dance music worldwide. His musical influences span from deep house and Detroit techno, all the way to hip hop and rare groove to jazz, soul and funk. Schwarz is considered one of the most multifaceted artists of the electronic scene – he has composed for film and ballet, and has released numerous albums and singles under various labels. For collaborations, productions and remixes he has worked together with the likes of Michael Jackson, Boy George, The Foals, Ane Brun, Raoul Midon, DJ Hell, Fritz Kalkbrenner and many more. For various projects he has been a guest on stages, in clubs and at renowned festivals all over the world.

The Swedish-born Dan Berglund is known worldwide as the bassist for the highly successful Esbjörn Svensson Trio (e.s.t.). Up until 2008, together with e.s.t., one of the most influential jazz bands of the last decade, he recorded numerous albums and performed in international tours and festivals. Apart from the characteristic warmth and the round and full tones of his playing, Berglund’s trademark consists of his use of countless effects. With his own band, Tonbruket founded in 2009, he created a distinct sound between jazz, psychedelic rock and neo-folk. The group’s debut album won a Swedish Grammy award.