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„For quite some time the UM:LAUT series has proven to be one of the most fertile playgrounds in Berlin for established musicians with the courage to experiment“ (Groove Magazin).
We are very happy to celebrate with old friends and new guests and invite you to a special double bill concert exactly five years after kicking it off with Nils Frahm and A Winged Victory For The Sullen at the mighty hall of Radialsystem V.

Rayon_Markus Acher © Johannes Haslinger

The Notwist, Lali Puna, Tied & Tickled Trio, 13 & God: With his numerous bands and collaborations, Markus Acher has contributed various relevant and exciting chapters to the recent history of music, thereby constantly re-exploring his sound universe and repeatedly widening the horizon of pop music. With his project Rayon, he has been undertaking explorations in the field of film music for almost twenty years. In November the first album on the renowned indie label Morr Music is released: hypnotically interwoven and minimalistically arranged instrumental worlds which have come into being without any moving images but yet appear like a wondrous soundtrack to a lost documentary film. „A Beat of Silence“ creates an original experimental sound cosmos – melodies, loops and arpeggios, fine subtle shades, blurred soundscapes and gentle arrangements are layered to fascinating electroacoustic symphonies. Within the series of UM:LAUT, Rayon presents the new album for the first time live and in one of the rare concerts with a full band and an extensive instrumentation.

Four years ago, Piano Interrupted celebrated their German live premiere at RADIALSYSTEM V. After numerous concerts and two acclaimed releases, Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann return to the stage of UM:LAUT together with the double bass player Tim Fairhall to present their third album „Landscapes of the Unfinished“. The trio explores the range between classical minimalism and clubby electronica. Live in concert Hodge’s piano and clarinet are sampled, processed and extended by Kirmann’s characteristic glitches, clicks and sub basses: A unique fusion of analogue and digital improvisation, a sound alternating between organic warmth and electronic precision. For their work on the new material, Hodge and Kirmann have – in contrast to the preceding, complexly produced albums – opened themselves to a more spontaneous composition and recording process inspired by their live performances. The search for new impulses as well as the motivation to reflect, question and develop their preceding work further also brought them on a trip to the Senegalese capital of Dakar. From there they did not only bring new impressions, field recordings and recorded radio snippets with them but also numerous recordings of jam sessions with local musicians. In the following process Hodge and Kirmann deconstructed, alienated and reconstructed the material from West Africa, thereby creating pulsating soundscapes and earthy textures which form the basis for sophisticated lines of piano, bass, clarinet and electroacoustic sound structures. Live in concert the tracks are being reinterpreted and complemented with improvisations, making the trio’s concerts an experience of a dynamic dialogue full of surprising moments.

Rayon & Piano Interrupted
Record Release Concerts
20 November | 20:00 | Radialsystem V
Tickets are available now at Radialsystem’s box-office (18 €) and online (plus fees)

Piano Interrupted © Claire Belhassine

UM:LAUT partners

Almost five years after his first visit to the stage of UM:LAUT and after numerous sold-out concerts around the globe, the acclaimed pianist and producer Nils Frahm returns to Radialsystem V. With his unique musical concept and his multi-faceted meandering between modern classical, electronica and pop, his concerts have been celebrated at various occasions such as Montreux Jazz Festival as well as at Melt! or Roskilde Festival. After winning the German Film Prize for his soundtrack of the Berlinale blockbuster „Victoria“, scoring a short film with Robert De Niro and releasing several albums in the last year, he now presents his latest project: Together with Frederic Gmeiner and Sebastian Singwald he celebrates the record release concert of his band Nonkeen in the frame of the UM:LAUT series. The first recordings and experiments of the three childhood friends date back to their schooldays – decades later the renowned label R&S Records releases the trio’s debut album. We are very happy and proud to set the frame for this special occasion – looking forward to some wonderful evenings!

Record Release Concerts | Support: Andrea Belfi
16 & 17 April | 20:00 | Radialsystem V
Tickets available now at Radialsystem’s box-office and online!

Nonkeen’s „The Gamble“ is the result of a long band history and a series of coincidences. Nils Frahm and Frederic Gmeiner already discovered their common interest in audio-recordings at primary school in Hamburg. They produced their own radio show, in which they mixed schoolyard noises, teachers‘ voices and their own sound experiments with children instruments and recorded them on tape. In the summer of 1989, East German schoolboy Sebastian Singwald spent two weeks at Frahm and Gmeiner’s school during an exchange. He arrived with his own shabby tape recorder, which immediately intrigued Frahm and Gmeiner and brought the three boys together. The friends continued to stay in touch and put together tracks from children’s songs, radio music and improvised pieces by playing or covering and then remixing them. After the Berlin Wall came down, the trio played several concerts in Berlin before the band’s career abruptly came to a halt in 1997. Over one decade later Gmeiner, Frahm and Singwald met again in Berlin and started making music together again at irregular intervals. Just like in alprazolam the old days, they recorded long experimental sessions on their tape machines, adding parts to some of their childhood recordings and sampling others. The band refused to practise songs, or record multiple takes, in order to reshape or improve them – meaning only first takes were acceptable. Out of these singular attempts only a few actually made it to tape. Chance became a constant band member: Due to the unreliability of the cheap recording devices they employed, no one knew how things would sound in the end. Just as a picture taken to film maintains its secrets until it is developed, recordings were „double-exposed“, or, by chance, a tape would play back in reverse mode. Beyond, devices whose motors were pitched up and down also brought other fantastic sounds to life – sounds that were previously unheard or unthinkable. From time to time, the band isolated their favourite passages in Frahm’s studio and continued to use them for processing or overdubbing. The tapes were then recycled for fresh sessions. In the course of this organic process over eight years, an album with unexpected sounds and eclectic electro-acoustic improvisation adventures had grown – making „The Gamble“ an album „which sounds both of spontaneity and stylistic ambiguity in the best of all senses“ (Groove).